Portola Valley

Volunteer with PVPC

Adult Volunteers Wanted

Portola Valley Pony Club is an all-volunteer run organization, from the District Commissioner to the chaperones. We need people to step up to help all through the program. Opportunities include seasonal tasks like running our winter holiday fundraiser, one-off tasks like providing food for our teams at a rally or driving members to a clinic, at-home jobs like tracking participation to see who is eligible for our Annual Awards, and all-year roles like Treasurer or Secretary.

Pony Club is definitely one of those activities where you get out what you put in - and this is as true for the parents and adult members as it is for the kids! There is a vibrant community of committed parents and horse-loving adults waiting to get to work with you!

Are you a parent or Horsemaster who would like to support the Club by taking on a volunteer role?

Please contact the Club's District Commissioner at pvpcdc@gmail.com to discuss the possibilities!

Horse Management Instructors

Do you have any special skills or knowledge that you'd like to share with our members through our Horse Management instruction program? e.g. vet, farrier, saddle fitting, barn management, show management, feed analysis....

Please contact the Club's Joint District Commissioner at dermskates@aol.com - we are looking forward to hearing from you!