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Items for Sale

Do you have something to sell? A saddle, tack, clothing, horse books, etc? Submit a photo and description to the District Commissioner at pvpcdc@gmail.com. Descriptions may be shortened. Items offered for sale should be safe and in good condition. Buyers are responsible for checking the safety and quality of any item they are considering buying.



Give-Away Items

Do you have an item you'd like to give away to another Pony Club member? Paddock boots that are outgrown? A too-small show coat? The bit that never quite worked for your horse? Submit a photo and description to pvpcdc@gmail.com. 



Horses for Sale or Lease

Submit a photo and description of a horse that you are seeking to sell or lease to another Pony Club member to pvpcdc@gmail.com. Only the owner of the horse may submit an advertisement. Mounted riders in photographs must be wearing a helmet. Buyers are responsible for ensuring the safety, soundness and suitability of any horse they are considering buying.



In Search Of....

Are you wondering if another Pony Club member has that saddle you've been looking for? A trailer? A dressage bridle with special bling? Submit your request to pvpcdc@gmail.com