Portola Valley

Welcome to Portola Valley Pony Club!

Portola Valley Pony Club (PVPC) is one of the largest and oldest Pony Clubs in the U.S., founded in 1967, with around 50 members enrolled each year.

Portola Valley Pony Club provides an unmounted and mounted instruction program for youth and adult Members who embrace the requirements of the US Pony Club Standards of Proficiency. The Club also provides opportunities for members to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired. Our members are active in taking certifications - the leveled Horse Management and riding skill exams that are offered by US Pony Club - and also participating in regional and national competitions (aka "rallies") where their Horse Management knowledge and skills are judged alongside their riding abilities.

Our goal is create an active community of horse owners, riders, and horse lovers who are committed to putting the welfare of the horse first while they learn how to care for these wonderful animals, improve their riding skills, and have fun with their peers!

To participate in PVPC's activities, you must be a member of Pony Club at the national, regional, and local levels. This is a simple process involving two forms and one check! (Forms are available at the "Forms" link on this website.) Please contact the club's District Commissioner (DC) to find out more, at pvpcdc@gmail.com.

Successful D Level candidates!          Junior Badge Program: Feeding a Treat Safely