Portola Valley


Get Ready For Your Next Certification

Are you planning to take a USPC certification this year? It's a great goal to aim for!

D-Level Certifications

Portola Valley Pony Club offers a D-Level certification Test Day at least twice per year, usually in June and October. These are open to both youth and Horsemaster members.  The Standards of Proficiency underpinning each level are available under the "Members" link on this website. The Standards are the same for both youth and Horsemaster members.

We offer certifications for D1, D2, and D3 in the Eventing (formerly known as Traditional), Hunt Seat Equitation (HSE), and Dressage tracks.  Candidates can test for Horse Management certificates separately to their riding certificates, by prior arrangement and, after completing D1, it is possible to follow an HM-only track. Please visit the main USPC website for more information on the different certification tracks available.

Education in horse management skills lies at the heart of Pony Club. Candidates must pass the Horse Management test at a level before they are able to test for the riding at that level. The best way to prepare for your D certification is to be a regular attendee at the Club's D-Level Horse Management lessons, which are typically offered on the 1st Sunday of each month. PVPC members are also welcome to attend D-HM lessons offered at Woodside Pony Club on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Our HM lessons will teach you "the Pony Club way" of doing things - and the practices you learn will set you up to be a responsible horse owner for life! You should also aim to attend the Club's mounted lessons from time to time, so that the instructors can advise you on whether you are riding at the standard required for the level at which you'd like to test.

For detailed information on how to prepare for a D certification and what to expect on the day, read the Club's "Guidance Notes for Candidates and Their Parents" (January 2017): 2017 D certification guidelines for PVPC members.pdf

C-Level Certifications

Middle California Region Pony Club offers C1 and C2 Level Test Days twice a year, usually in May/June and September/October. To register for a C1 or C2 certification, visit the MidCal website.

If a PVPC member needs to retest one or two sections of a C1 or C2 test to complete a level, it may be possible to arrange for that to happen at club level. Candidates in that position should contact the club's D-Level Certification Coordinator, Linda Rosen at linda_rosen@pacbell.net .

Upper Level Certifications

Upper Level Certifications (H-B, C3, B, H-A, A) must be arranged with the National Office by registering through the USPC website (login required). Please let us know if you need any help or guidance on that process, by emailing Molly Johnson, PVPC Jt DC, at dermskates@aol.com.